The Renewable Energy Association (REA) at UCLA strives to cultivate an understanding of the importance of various forms of renewable energy and their effects on our environment, economy and society while encouraging our community’s clean energy development. We achieve this by developing and implementing student-run technical projects, local initiatives, and educational outreach programs.


Technical projects involve the design and construction of renewable energy technologies, such as biofuel reactors, solar generators, and biogas digesters. Through these teams, students develop leadership and collaboration skills while gaining valuable scientific knowledge and experience that prepares them for careers in industry as well as academia.


Community-based projects advocate for and implement renewable energy on and off campus. Through these initiatives, members learn about energy use, efficiency and management, as well as budgeting, institutional regulations, administrative procedures as they pertain to large-scale energy consumers like UCLA.


Educational and outreach initiatives directly educate the surrounding community about renewable energy technologies and related industries, thus training both members and their students to become part of the next generation of environmental leaders.


Professional development opportunities help establish networks for students and improves their professional skills. It exposes members to opportunities in the renewable energy field, and helps them navigate the industry during and after college.